Resource Development

Western Biological offers a wide array of biological and ecological services throughout the Western U.S. that will take your resource development project from planning to production, through reclamation and final closure.

Our staff specializes in navigating the permitting and agency coordination process so that your project can move forward quickly and seamlessly. Our field scientists meticulously gather wildlife, vegetation, water, soils, and noise data to factor into your NEPA permit and perform all the annual and seasonal monitoring to maintain your compliance.

Our specialized services include but are not limited to:

• Habitat and wildlife baseline surveys for NEPA compliance
• Permitting & Permit writing
• Sage grouse lek counts and monitoring
• Migratory bird surveys for Migratory Bird Treaty Act compliance
• Raptor surveys for Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act compliance
• Mitigation Banking Projects (CCAA’s, Nevada Conservation Credit System, etc.)
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Aerial surveys
• Vegetation and Reclamation monitoring
• Anabat surveys
• Wildlife management and mitigation programs
• Acoustic baseline establishment and monitoring
• Pinyon Juniper removal and brush mastication
• Wildlife hazard reduction
• Wildlife Trap/Collar/Monitoring surveys
• Analysis and monitoring of wildlife relationships
• Mortality surveys of solar and wind facilities
• Avian power line threat surveys

Our programs and services increase understanding of population dynamics of sagebrush obligate species and minimize negative effects of development by boosting overall environment health.

Knowledge of presence, abundance and effect of wildlife populations can aide in conservation efforts and enable further development of properties as mitigation banks through land stewardship practices that benefit ecosystems as a whole. From feed utilization monitoring to invasive predator species detection, we provide the data collection services to aide in management decisions. Acquiring pertinent data and increasing comprehension of wildlife and habitat availability around mining operations, oil and gas development, and other human activities greatly benefits clients in establishing the most environmentally and fiscally responsible management plans.